A man’s mind never fills with these 3 things, there is always more hunger


1)  Woman


a man falls in love with a woman, he forgets everything. A woman is a man who makes a man mad, because of a woman, humans start quarreling with each other, there is no appetite for a woman. The person can do anything to get the love of a woman; The person who looks at the woman from the point of lust is never satisfied. Friends, the woman is seen as the biggest sweet thing.


2)  Money


a person is very greedy for money, he can do anything for money, a person can make someone’s blood for money, he can kill anyone. Friends, money is such a thing that drives a person crazy to get money. For a human being, money can be anything, the biggest God is friends, in order to get money, a person forgets his immediate relatives.


3) Food


Man is never satisfied with his food, friends. When a person gets good food, the person feels very good and the person does not want to harm the bad food. Friends, the human’s food earthquake never fades, friends love the food. It should not be enough that they should eat good food.

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