After getting the vaccine, is electricity produced in the body? You also know the truth of lighting the bulb by hand


The campaign to introduce coronavirus vaccine in India is still going on. Till now crores of people have been vaccinated and people are feeling healthy after applying it. The government is also motivating people to get the vaccine on social media, but in the meantime, many wrong information related to the vaccine is also being shared on social media. Recently, a video is being shared on social media, in which it is being said that a chip is also being inserted in the body through the vaccine.


Not only this, it is also being said that after getting the vaccine, electricity is being generated from the body and people are also showing them by lighting LED bulbs by hand. In such a situation, do you know how much truth is there in this information being shared on social media and what is the reality about the vaccine?


What is being claimed?


A video is being shared on social media, in which a man is seen lighting an LED bulb with his hand. The person says that he has got the vaccine and where the vaccine is done, that is, electricity is being generated in the arm. The person is saying that if the LED bulb is kept anywhere in his body, it does not burn, but the bulb starts burning as soon as the bulb is placed at the vaccinated place. It is being said that there is a chip in it.


What is the truth?


This video was investigated for the truth. PIB Fact Check team investigated this video and said that this entire video is fake. Also, the PIB Fact Check team has said through its official Twitter handle, ‘This claim is fake. #Cov Vaccine is completely safe. Don’t believe in such fake information, get vaccinated. Also, PIB has informed, ‘Kovid-19 vaccines do not contain metal or microchip nor do any magnetic effect of electric current is generated in the human body after taking the vaccine.’


The tweet also said, ‘A video being shared on social media is claiming that after vaccination against #COVID19, vaccinated arms generate electricity.’ In such a situation, do not believe such videos and according to the guidelines of the government, you must take both the doses of the vaccine when the time comes. Also, trust only the information being given on the official platform of the government.

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