Big news: Team India will get 20 days break from Bio-bubble after World Test Championship


Indian players will get a 20-day break from bubble life in the UK after the final of the World Test Championship is played in Southampton. While the cricketers will part ways on 24 June, they will have to return to the bubble for the five-Test series against England around 14 July.

Speaking to ANI, sources regarding developments in the team management said that it will be a welcome break. Because the team not only has to spend time in the bubble for the Test series against England, but also go straight into the IPL bubble in the UAE after the Test series.

The source said, “The Indian group will get a break after the final against New Zealand on June 24 and then around July 14, they will gather again to prepare for the Test series against England starting on August 4.

Asked if this means cricketers can go to a place where there are few or no cases of COVID-19, the source said that it should be within the UK so that they can regroup after the break. No problem having it.

The source elaborated, “Look, it’s easy. The boys need to switch off and rest, but we can’t ignore that COVID-19 is still not completely gone. So, the plan has to be done in such a way that players and families living in the UK do not get stuck while taking a break. Imagine moving to another country and then a sudden increase in cases leads to a travel ban in that place. Not you. We want your players or their families to be stuck somewhere. So, we are looking at locations in the UK.”

Living in a bio-bubble is not easy and skipper Virat Kohli also spoke about it before the team left for England.


Kohli had said, “I think once the WTC final is over, it will be a great opportunity to freshen up and restructure ourselves, hopefully if things go well, just people can get back to normal and reconnect.” To understand that we have to play a five-match series. Like Australia, if we had to play in the bubble for that long, it would have been tough.”

“It’s just that we had the freedom to go out and get into things there, it gave us a chance to stay fresh and reset. I think that’s all right, it makes us feel refreshed and ready for a long series.” Will get time to happen. That kind of setup is important before going into a long series. The challenge in England can be tough, so we want to spend some time before that series.”

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