Big news: These 5 IPS officers of Uttarakhand got promotion…


Dehradun: 5 IPS officers of Uttarakhand got promotion. 5 IPS officers have been made DIGs. Late in the evening, the government issued its orders. According to the order issued, the officers who got the DIG promotion include the name of the present SSP of Dehradun, Janmejay Khanduri, IPS Sunil Meena posted at the Police Headquarters. At the same time, the present SSP of Haridwar, Yogendra Singh Rawat, including IPS Sadanand Date and IPS Senthil Abudai Krishnaraj S, who are on deputation at the center, have also been made DIG.


According to the information, after getting the DPC recommendation from the Center, a meeting of DPC related to these 5 officers who got the government level DIG promotion was held on Monday. In such a situation, after getting the green signal from the government, the promotion of the five IPS officers has been announced for the rank of DIG.


Let us tell you that the IPS officer who got the DIG promotion was being awaited for a long time to be declared DPC. In such a situation, finally before Dussehra, these officers have got the gift of promotion.


Dr. Yogendra Singh Rawat, who became DIG from SSP, is currently posted as SSP in Haridwar. IPS Janmejay Khanduri is currently the SSP of Dehradun. At the same time, IPS Dr. Sadanand Date is currently serving for the CBI in Maharashtra on the appointment of the Center. At the same time, IPS Sunil Meena and Senthil Abudai Krishnaraj S are currently posted at the Police Headquarters.

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