Book bus tickets with this app and get 10% discount, know how to get offers


The Delhi cabinet on Saturday approved the proposal of the Transport Department, which will give a 10 percent discount on fares for bus passengers in the national capital on booking tickets through the ‘OneDelhi’ app. The Delhi government said the modified app can also be used to book pink passes, which allow women to travel free of cost in public buses.


The Delhi government said in a statement, “Passengers can book pink tickets and passes using this app by scanning the QR code inside the bus and selecting the ticket fare or source and destination stop. The app is available in English and Hindi.


The new version of the app will also show the estimated arrival time of buses at a particular stop and the nearest available charging station for electric vehicles.

49 lakh passengers ride


Delhi’s Transport Minister Kailash Gehlot said that the upgrade of the app is important, especially in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, as it will help reduce the spread of the virus among passengers through surface contact. will do.


He said, “I am hoping that state-of-the-art buses, with enhanced surveillance and security features, and the right incentives such as we are offering through e-ticketing apps and common mobility cards, will enable Delhiites to switch to public transport. There will be a lot of convenience in adopting.” The government said that Delhi has a combined (DTC and orange cluster) fleet of 6,750 buses and on an average 49 lakh passengers are transported to the destination.


Can also track from Google Map, just

You to let you know that the Delhi government has recently partnered with Google to provide real time information to all passengers. If you want to find the location of the bus from Google Map, then open Google Map on your Android or iOS device. After that enter your destination and tap on the ‘Go’ icon and enter ‘source’ and destination.

If you haven’t already selected it, tap the ‘Transit’ icon (small tram) to see times, bus numbers, routes and real-time arrival information, highlighted in green or red. Additionally, by tapping on the recommended route, you can see more information about the stops along the way.

On the other hand, if you want to see the list of all the incoming buses, then click on the bus stop. Here real-time information is indicated by a green or red light.

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