Euro 2020 Italy Vs England Final Preview: Will the wait for England end or Italy’s edge will hit, the king’s decision today


The referee’s whistle is about to blow. Kick-off is about to happen amidst the noise of thousands of spectators. The most important 90 minutes or 120 minutes for 22 players and crores of hearts, the battle of abilities and emotions is about to begin. Just a little more time… History will be made once again on the night of Sunday 11th July at London’s Wembley Stadium, which has witnessed many historic matches and different events and crores of people around the world will see this history being made, because face-to-face. The football teams of Italy and England will be in front and the title of European Champion will be at stake – UEFA Euro 2020 (UEFA Euro 2020).


After a month of exciting and amazing football, the last stop has now come, after which for the next 3 years either of these two teams will be addressed to the European Champion. If he also became a world champion in 2022, then it is a different matter. But for the time being it is only about the Euro Cup. In this final, two such teams are face to face, who have not lost a single match in the tournament. Italy have won all their matches, while England played a draw in the group stage. But what happened in the last matches doesn’t matter anymore. Whatever it is now, it is this night.


This final is special in many ways for both the teams. The journey of both of them to reach here is also very special. If this is an opportunity for England to erase the humiliation and wait of the last 55 years, Italy has the opportunity to put the past failures of the finals out of sight forever. England had missed a chance in the 2018 World Cup semi-final, so Italy could not even knock in that World Cup. Removing this pain is also part of the plans of both these teams.

55 years of waiting, humiliation and pain will be over?


This final is special for England because after winning the World Cup in 1966, it has reached the final of a tournament for the first time. For the first time in Europe. Often knocked out in the quarter-finals or semi-finals in the World Cup or Euro Cup, the English team has overcome two biggest hurdles to get here – first, defeating Germany, which has always been a hindrance in its path. Second, dealing with the pressure of knockouts.


England has performed tremendously this time in both these cases. In the last-16, he defeated Germany 2-0 and from here his game continued to improve. It seems that the sluggish English team in the group stage is a thing of the past. Team captain Harry Kane has wreaked havoc in the last two matches. Raheem Sterling has proved to be the biggest star of the team in this tournament.


It is also important to praise the defense of the team. This defense is such that in the 6 matches played so far, only 1 goal has been eaten. England has had the maximum 5 clean sheets in the tournament. Obviously, all these aspects give strength to the team in the final. Also, England has the advantage of the home ground, where there will be a large number of home fans. Then the history of Wembley is also in favor of England.


The defense like the wall got a sharp attack, it has become a matter of fact that Italy has proved to be the best team of this tournament. Roberto Manchini has completely changed this team in the last 2-3 years. Europe’s football powerhouse, who has been humiliated for not qualifying for the 2018 World Cup, has regained its lost strength and no one is yet to stand before it. Invincible in 33 consecutive matches – either win or draw. Not even a trace of defeat.


Italy’s team, always known for its strong defense, is very tight on this front this time too. It is no less than a charisma to penetrate the old but strong defense line like Giorgio Keelini and Leonardo Bonucci. But the strength of Italy has increased due to the edge in the attack. Attackers such as Chiaro Immobile, Lorenzo Incinia, Federico Cieza and Manuel Locatelli have hit the opposing goalposts accurately and achieved success.


A chance to repeat the success of 1968 with the chance to meet all your old broken dreams to Italy by 2000 and losing finalists in 2012 on the strength of the players. Also there is a chance to repeat the success of 1968. Then Italy won its only European title. Obviously, the two best defenses of the tournament and the teams with a good balance of attack deserve to compete in the final.

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