Everyone sends email but do you know what is the meaning of CC and BCC in it?


In today’s era, all the work has become digital and in such a situation, if we do anything, then email is needed. Most of us also send emails, but have you ever noticed that while sending an email, there are three options of TO, CC and BCC, which most people do not know the exact meaning of. So today we are going to tell you about the correct use of these three options and its meaning.

In email, CC means Carbon Copy and BCC means Blind Carbon Copy. You can understand this in such a way that in the olden days, for a physical copy of a letter, you had to keep a carbon paper between two sheets. With this, whatever you write on the sheet placed above, it gets printed on the lower sheet through carbon copy and the paper placed below is called carbon copy. But now the way of communication is changing rapidly and now email has replaced paper. In such a situation, if we talk about email, if mail has to be sent to many people at once, in such a situation a carbon copy is needed here and that is why CC has been created.



What does CC stand for in Email?

In fact, the CC field in an email allows a sender to send a carbon copy of an email. In this, apart from sending mail to the person in the To field, you can keep someone else in the loop in the mail through CC. For example, you can understand that if you are mailing a client related to a project and you want your manager to know about it, then you can mail them using the CC field. In this, you have to enter the email address of the client in To and the address of your manager in CC.


What does BCC stand for in Email?

As we mentioned, BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. Like CC, BCC also works to send a carbon copy of an email. Although the way of working of BCC is quite different from CC. If you CC someone in the email, then people in both the To and CC fields can see each other’s email address. But if you do not want the person in the To field to know to whom you are sending this mail, then you can use the BCC field. All email addresses mentioned in the BCC field will be hidden and people in the To and CC fields will not be able to see them.

When should CC be used in email?

Technically speaking, CC and To work in the same way in email. In such a situation, there is no difference in whether you enter the email address in the To field or in the CC field, since both recipients of the email can see each other’s email address. But if we talk about the etiquette, then those people are kept in the To field to whom the mail is being sent directly, while in the CC those people are kept in the loop so that they know about this mail.



When should BCC be used in email?

The BCC field is completely different from CC. Email addresses registered in the BCC field are private and hidden. If you want to send an email to more people and do not want anyone to know the email address of the other person, then you can use the BCC field. Apart from this, if you want to keep someone in the loop and do not want to know about the person who received the original email, you can still use it. Apart from this, there is another difference between BCC and CC list, in CC the list also gets to know the reply but in the Bcc list the reply gets hidden.

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