Facebook announces these three new features for Messenger, learn how you can use them


Facebook has announced three new features for its Messenger platform today. QR code scanning, quick reply bar and new chat teams will be added to this platform of social media networking site Facebook.

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Also Read – Solar Eclipse 2021: When will the solar eclipse occur in India and how to watch it live. To access your personal QR code and payment link, Facebook users will have to open Messenger Settings and tap on Facebook Pay.

Now they will be able to share their payment link or allow other users to scan their QR code. Also Read – How to permanently delete Facebook account: How to permanently delete Facebook account?


Facebook has also added a new Quick Reply Bar for the Messenger media viewer. Tapping on Photos and Videos will bring up the quick response screen below. This will enable them to respond quickly. Apart from this, the company is also rolling out new themes for Facebook Messenger.

New themes include Olivia’s new album Sour, World Oceans Day chat theme and New F9 Chat Theme. It is also very easy to use like no other. After going to the settings of the chat, the user can select a new theme by clicking on the theme.


Earlier this month, Facebook announced at its annual developer conference that it was soon ready to roll out support for AR-based filters during video calls. This special feature will be rolled out for both Instagram and Messenger.

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