Health Benefits to Getting Sound Sleep : Beauty is related to sleep, know how to get sweet sleep


Good food is related to good sleep and good sleep is related to beauty. Deep sleep will make you beautiful. If you want beauty sleep then follow the steps to get it. Sleep deprivation is a disease. The affected person is unable to sleep properly.

He is awakened by the slightest sound or light. This has a bad effect on health. A person’s sleep is essential for good health. Some people take sleeping pills due to lack of sleep, which can prove to be fatal for health.

Sleep removes physical and mental fatigue. It is necessary for every person to sleep for at least 7-8 hours. After getting a good sleep, a person feels refreshed, as well as he feels a new energy.

The main reasons for not sleeping: – Mental stress, anger, contemplation, over-excitement, constipation, smoking, excessive consumption of tea and coffee, eating less or more than required or consuming rich spicy food.

Role of diet in insomnia :- Diet has an important role in insomnia. New research has shown that the problem of insomnia can be reduced to a great extent if a balanced diet is consumed.

Avoid them: – Do not consume more sugar, flour, more fried food, fatty foods, hot spices and more spicy food, more tea and coffee, chocolate, cold beverages, alcohol etc.


Use: – Be sure to include sprouted grains, curd, milk, fresh fruits, fresh green leafy vegetables, salad etc. in your diet.

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