If you invest money in this coin, you will become a millionaire in minutes, know who is ahead in top-10 cryptocurrencies


New Delhi: Cryptocurrency is in a lot of discussion these days. Investors from all over the world including India are investing money in this. If you have also invested or have a plan to invest, then know which currency is giving the most benefit to investors today. Let us tell you that due to the strictness of the governments of many countries around the world, the rates of many cryptocurrencies from bitcoin were completely blown up. However, the rates of many cryptocurrencies are still going up.


According to CoinDesk, Bitcoin is currently trading at $37,349.42. It has an increase of 2.70 percent at the moment. The market cap of the bitcoin cryptocurrency at this rate is $699.37 billion. During the last 24 hours, the maximum price of bitcoin cryptocurrency was $ 38,214.79 and the minimum price was $ 36,270.80.
Let’s check who is ahead in today’s top-10 cryptocurrencies (June 3, 10 largest cryptocurrencies)

Apart from this, Ethereum is currently running at a rate of $2,689.97 on CoinDesk. It has an increase of 3.42 percent at this time. The market cap of the Ethereum cryptocurrency at this rate is $312.39 billion.

Apart from this, Dogecoin is currently running at $ 0.414179 on CoinDesk. It is currently gaining 15.78 percent. The market cap of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency at this rate is $53.72 billion.


Know what RBI said?


The RBI has said that the Supreme Court on March 4, 2020, has rejected the circular issued by the banks on 6 April 2018 instructing their customers to stay away from trading in digital currency. In other words, after this clarification of the Reserve Bank, the way has been cleared for buying and selling of cryptocurrencies in India. Let us inform you that many public and private banks, including State Bank of India and HDFC Bank, had sent e-mails to their customers, instructing them to stay away from dealing in virtual currency.


If you also want to invest in cryptocurrencies in India, then you can invest through the WazirX app or the coin switcher. Through this it is very easy to invest money and make purchases. By investing money in crypto, you can easily convert your money into millions. At this time, investors are also getting special enthusiasm towards cryptocurrencies. In view of the profit being made in it, the interest of the people is increasing a lot towards it.

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