Many problems go away by consuming raw carrion, know some special benefits!


Raw carrion is helpful in protecting against many diseases during summers. It is also consumed more. In terms of health as well as in food. Mantra Carrie so do not eat that teeth become sour but today you show raw carry certain advantages to eat ….. are abundant –

Vitamin C raw Carrie. By consuming it, the circulation of blood in the body is good. It also helps in the formation of new blood cells.

– Launji, vegetable and pickles of raw carrion are made and eaten with great fervor. Along with enhancing the taste of food, it also increases the immunity power.

Consuming Carrie in the form of launji cures intestinal infections. This cures the liver.

Consuming raw carrion during pregnancy is beneficial. It does not cause problems like constipation, acidity, or vomiting. Eating raw carrion increases antioxidants in women, which is helpful in protecting both the baby and the mother from many diseases.

Consumption of raw carrion helps in reducing scurvy disease. It fulfills the deficiency of Vitamin C present in it. Scurvy is a disease caused by a deficiency of vitamin C. This causes rashes on the body.


Teeth are strengthened by the consumption of raw carrion. Yes, the vitamin C present in it strengthens the teeth and stops bleeding gums. If you eat raw carrion, then it is also helpful in removing the bad smell of the mouth.

Consuming raw carrion does not cause dehydration, sun and heat stroke. It is made by boiling it in water and cooling it. In which sugar and cumin are added and drunk. Drinking it in summer keeps it fresh. Also, it gives relief from the smell of sweat.

Raw Carrie is considered beneficial for diabetic patients. Its consumption lowers the sugar level. Along with this, it also fulfills the deficiency of iron in the body. However, sugar patients should consume it only after the advice of Dr. By consuming raw cari, the hair becomes thick and shiny. Along with this, the skin also gets tightened.

Consumption of raw carrion can be beneficial in piles. Yes, piles are associated with the digestive system. Raw carrion strengthens the digestive process. It is considered a good source of fiber. This reduces stiffness and provides comfort.

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