Maruti’s awesome car is available in the range of 1 lakh, get this special plan with 31kmpl mileage


While petrol prices are touching the sky, people are also running after different vehicles in the pursuit of buying a car. In this era of inflation, everyone wants either a car with great mileage or an electric car. But electric cars are not seeing that much craze in India, so customers are still relying on second hand cars or mileage vehicles. In such a situation, if you are also troubled by this epidemic and want to bring the car home at an affordable price, then we have brought a special car from Maruti for you today.


The Maruti car that we have brought in front of you today has an initial price of Rs 2.99 lakh, but as soon as it goes on the road, its price becomes Rs 3,33,427. Yes, the name of this vehicle is Maruti Alto. However, here we are going to tell you such a deal about this vehicle, which you will be shocked to hear. You can buy this car in the range of 1 lakh.

Maruti Alto is currently one of the best selling cars in the market. Every customer wants to bring this car to his home. This car is the best selling car of the company even after 20 years. In the car you get a 0.8 liter 796cc engine. This is a three-cylinder engine that gives you 48PS of power and 69Nm of torque. You also get a 5 speed manual transmission with the engine.

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Regarding mileage, Maruti says that it gives a mileage of 22.05 km on petrol, while on CNG you get a mileage of 31.50 km. The starting price is Rs 2.99 lakh but its top model costs Rs 4.70 lakh.


If we talk about the offers available on the car, then online second hand car selling website CARS24 has listed Maruti Alto on its site. You can buy it at a price of Rs 1,35,899. According to the information, this car is a 2010 model. At the same time, it has covered 55,374 km so far. The transmission of the car is manual and it is registered at HR-26 RTO office in Haryana.


You will also get a 7 days money back guarantee on buying the car. That is, if you do not like the car after driving the car for 7 days, then you can get your full money back. At the same time, a loan facility is also available on this vehicle, so that you can also take advantage of EMI.

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