Now Ravana taught the lesson of traffic rules on the roads of Uttarakhand.


Dehradun: In Uttarakhand, the police will resort to plays at intersections to teach traffic rules to the people. In the 30-second play, the actors will inspire people to give up 10 types of violations. Such programs will be conducted for seven days in the cities of Dehradun, Rishikesh, Haridwar and Roorkee. The campaign started at 5 pm on Monday.


Similarly, a 10 head mask of a Natya artist (Dashanan) will have 10 violative slogans written on it. A bow and arrow will be aimed at one of these. On this occasion a pledge will be made to give up 10 bad traffic habits. A bow-and-arrow program will be held at Gandhi Park, Parade Ground Dehradun and Sonali Park in Roorkee. Apart from this, a signature campaign will also be conducted.


Traffic Director Mukhtar Mohsin said that awareness is the biggest tool to get traffic rules to be followed. Most of the people knowing all the rules, knowingly and unknowingly violate them.


Therefore, it is necessary that they should be made aware through such programs. These include Dilaram Chowk, Kargi Chowk, Niranjanpur Mandi Chowk, Rispana Pul, Ballupur Chowk, Ghantaghar, Natraj Chowk (Rishikesh), Ranipur Mod (Haridwar), Rishikul Tiraha (Haridwar), Patiala Chowk (Roorkee) SDM Chowk (Roorkee) in Dehradun.


Not wearing helmet, Jumping red light, Use of mobile while driving, Three rides in two wheeler, Overtake from left, Drunk driving, Dangerous/rash driving, Not wearing seat belt, Parking in no parking, Zebra crossing Violation.


In this episode, the International Girl Child Day program was celebrated by NSS at Shri Pooranand Inter College, Rishikesh. In the program, the police station Munikireti made the students of the school aware of crime related to human trafficking, cyber crime, side effects of drugs, women crime and following traffic rules.


In the program, District Convener of Bhartiya Bhasha Manch and District Minister Pushpa Dhyani said that the best education should be provided to the girl child. So that a better society can be built.

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