Prime Minister Modi made a big announcement, all three agricultural laws will be withdrawn, committee will be formed on MSP, know what PM said


Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Friday, 19 November at 9 am. In his address, the Prime Minister made a big announcement and said that the central government will withdraw all three agricultural laws. The PM said that we had brought these three laws to improve agriculture. Which will give more power to the small farmers. For years, farmers and experts, economists of the country were demanding this.


Prime Minister Modi made a big announcement, all three agricultural laws will be withdrawn, committee will be formed on MSP, know what PM said


The PM said that when these three laws were brought, there was a discussion in Parliament about it. Farmers and many organizations of the country welcomed this decision. I am very grateful to all of them. Friends, for the welfare of the farmers, our government had brought this law in the interest of the agricultural world of the country, in the interest of the village and the poor, with full support, with a good intention.

He said that even after this, we could not explain the matter of farmers’ interest to some farmers. Even though a section of farmers was opposing it. For this we also tried to negotiate.

Three agricultural laws will be returned: PM Modi told the countrymen, perhaps there must have been some deficiency in our austerity, due to which we could not explain the truth like the light of the lamp, to some farmer brothers. Today, on Guru Nanak Ji Prakash Parv, I have come to tell you, the entire nation, that our government has decided to withdraw three agricultural laws.

“In the Parliament session that begins later this month, we will complete the constitutional process to repeal these three agricultural laws,” the prime minister said.

Appealing to the farmers, he said, “You return to your home, return to the field, return to the family, make a new beginning.” Prime Minister Modi talked about forming a committee on MSP.

In his address to the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, ‘In order to make MSP more effective and transparent, we have decided to constitute a committee on all such subjects, keeping the future in mind. In this committee, there will be representatives of the central government, state governments, farmers, agricultural scientists, agricultural economists.

The PM said, we have made the crop insurance scheme more effective, bringing more farmers under its purview. Changed the old rules so that farmers could get more compensation. Due to this, in the last four years, more than one lakh crore compensation has been received by the farmer brothers. PM Modi said that we increased the MSP to the farmers as well as made record government centers.

At the same time, in the beginning of his address, PM Modi said, today is the holy festival of Dev Deepawali and also the holy festival of light of Guru Nanak Dev ji. I extend warm greetings to all the people of the world and to all the countrymen on this holy festival. The PM said, it is also very pleasant that after about one and a half years, the Kartarpur Sabih Corridor has reopened.

Referring to the farmers, PM Modi said, I have seen and felt the problems of farmers very closely for the last several decades. Ever since I got the opportunity, our government started working for their betterment. The PM said, when I became the Prime Minister in 2014, our government gave priority to the welfare and development of farmers.

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