Raunaq Welfare Society honored Dr. Nitik Bathla as Corona Warriors


Dr. Nitik Bathla was honored as Corona Warriors by Raunak Social Welfare Society at Maharaja Agrasen Hospital. In the Corona Warriors honor program organized by the Society, Dr. Nitik Bathla was the President of the Society, Advocate Sunita Malik as ‘the Messiah of the breath’ addressed, expressing gratitude for saving the lives of Corona patients by giving them mementoes and Corona Warriors certificates. Was honoured.


During this, Advocate Sunita Malik said that the way health services and new life were given to the patients while working on the front line by the doctors. For him, it is very necessary to respect and encourage such conscientious doctors. During this, Dr. Nitik Bathla said that he is always ready to provide better health services to the people, considering public service as paramount. While urging everyone to follow the guidelines issued by the government from time to time, it is advisable to stay away from crowded places. 


A life-threatening disease like corona can be avoided by cleaning and using masks. He said that this honor has boosted his enthusiasm and has doubled his zeal to fight against Corona and treat patients. He is deeply grateful to the organization for encouraging him. During this, the organization’s President Advocate Sunita Malik, Vice President Akil Malik, Senior Advocate District Court Advocate Shahid Hussain, Secretary Kartar Singh, Advocate Ankit Sidana, Advocate Sanjay Pal, Advocate Prasoon Agarwal, Gautam, Shahzad Malik, Shumail, Digvijay Saini, Sarojini Devi and other organizations. All the social workers associated with it were present.

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