Such lies related to diabetes, which everyone believes to be true, let’s know


Diabetes mellitus (DM), commonly referred to as diabetes, is a group of metabolic diseases characterized by high blood sugar levels over a long period of time. Symptoms of high blood sugar include frequent urination, increased thirst, and increased appetite.

Due to irregular lifestyle and diet, most of the people are getting more diseases like diabetes these days. Diet has to be avoided in diabetes, in such a situation, many lies have also sat in the minds of people regarding diabetes. Which people start to understand the truth. Let’s know what these lies are.

Friends, you must have often heard that diabetic patients should not eat sweets. While this is not true, the truth is that a diabetic patient should always take a balanced diet. Which can be sweet. Actually, by eating sweets due to diabetes, blood sugar becomes uncontrolled, in such a situation it is necessary to take everything in a very balanced quantity.

Diabetes is often said to be a genetic disease. While this is not the truth. If your lifestyle and food are not right. So this disease can happen to anyone. Let us tell you that diabetes is also caused due to stress.

Often people think that any fruit can be eaten due to diabetes. While this is not true. In diabetes, such fruits are eaten in which the amount of sugar is low. Sugar is naturally present in fruits. In such a situation, there are many such fruits which increase the level of blood sugar. Therefore, in diabetes, eat only such fruits that do not raise your blood sugar.

It is also said about diabetes that this disease occurs only in obese people. While this is not the truth. Anyone can get diabetes. Let us tell you that whoever has an irregular lifestyle, there is a risk of getting diabetes. Many people believe that a carbohydrate-rich diet should not be taken in diabetes. But this is also not true, you have to take a healthy carbohydrate diet.

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