The junk reached its warehouse after loading three helicopters on the truck, the people of the whole city were surprised


Machines often attract humans to themselves. Sometimes there is a crowd of people to see the JCB and crane, and sometimes people start taking selfies with the junked helicopter. Yes, there is a crowd of people in Mansa, Punjab to see the junked helicopter and get photographed with it.


Dimple Arora, son of Mittu Kabadi, a well-known Kabadi resident of Mansa, Punjab, has purchased six helicopters of the Air Force from Sarsawa Airbase Station in Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. The cost of these helicopters is Rs 72 lakh and their weight per helicopter is 10 tonnes. These helicopters have been procured through online bidding. With the purchase, three of these helicopters were sold and the remaining three helicopters were brought to Mansa by Dimple on Monday evening. As soon as the helicopters reached Mansa, a crowd of people watching it gathered. Now people are taking selfies with them.


Dimple, who bought the scrap chopper, says that this scrap work was started by his father Mittu in the year 1988. Over time, his work has increased so much that in today’s time his 6 acres of land is kept junk. Dimple buys junk not only from his area Mansa or his state Punjab but also from different parts of the country. . Dimple came to know about these junked helicopters when he was searching online to buy the junk three months ago. During this time, he came to know about the bidding of junk in the Air Force. They got information that six helicopters are going to be auctioned here.

In such a situation, he bought these helicopters for 72 lakhs at the cost of 12 lakhs per helicopter. Three helicopters were sold shortly after purchase. Dimple was going to bring the rest to Mansa, but due to the lockdown, there was a delay in bringing them. Now on Monday evening, these three helicopters were brought to Mansa after being loaded on a trolley. To bring from Sarsawa to Mansa, Dimple had to pay 75 thousand rupees for each helicopter as fare. Now people are reaching in large numbers to see these helicopters. For their memory, people are taking photos and selfies with their children standing near the helicopter.

Three of the 6 helicopters were sold on sight. According to Dimple Arora, a helicopter was bought by a resort owner located on Ludhiana Road. While the second helicopter has been bought by a person from Chandigarh for decoration as a model and the third helicopter has been bought by a film producer from Mumbai.

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