There was some such Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw, who used to make his enemies convincing as well.


After the 1971 war 90,000 Pakistanis were taken prisoner. In the captive camp, someone from outside in the camp of Subedar Major of the Pakistan Army sought permission to enter. This type of honor is often unexpected after a defeat. When Subedar Major saw it, there was no one else standing there, the chief of the victorious Indian Army – General Sam Manekshaw. After asking about the arrangements made for the Pakistani hostages there, Sam Bahadur consoled the Pakistani widows, tasted the food prepared by them, and most of all mixed.


When they started leaving, the Subedar Major asked them for permission to say something. Subedar Major said – “I now know why India won the war. That’s because you take care of your soldiers. Our own people do not meet us the way you came to visit us. They consider themselves to be Nawabzades. “


There were some #Field_Marshal_Sam_Manekshaw, who used to make even the enemies convincing.

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