This one thing is the biggest enemy of obesity and constipation, let’s know


Obesity is linked to many diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, sleep breathing problems, many types of cancer and osteoarthritis. The major causes of obesity can be a combination of genetics, consumption of high-calorie foods, lack of physical activity.

However, only a small number are found due to genetic, medical or psychiatric disease.

Today we are going to talk about Isabgol husk. Nowadays the importance of isabgol husk is increasing continuously in the changing lifestyle, it can be used as a medicine in problems related to the digestive system.

First of all, let us know how to consume Isabgol husk. To consume it, mix one teaspoon of Isabgol husk in warm water and take it at bedtime, the benefits of consuming Isabgol, you will get its effect within a week. Will start showing up.

 It is beneficial in sugar, in fact, it slows down the process of digestion and absorption of sugar, which reduces the amount of sugar in the blood, which is why the consumption of isabgol is very beneficial for diabetic patients. Isabgol also reduces cholesterol.

Let us tell you that this cholesterol gets deposited in the blood vessels, which causes heart diseases like heart attack, stroke.

Due to being fiber, Isabgol keeps constipation right, its continuous consumption opens up the appetite, consumption of Isabgol also reduces the excess fat in the body, that is why it is a great recipe to lose weight.

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